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Terms of Service

s-ul is an upload service designed for user convenience, and reserves the right to uphold and amend these policies at any time. This is not an exhaustive list of policies, and we reserve the action to deliberate on, and take action against users, their accounts, and the material uploaded, at any time, and without warning or discourse.


Files uploaded to the service remain the property of their original owner. The uploaded file will reside on an s-ul server, under the care of the user, and remains the uploader's responsibility. s-ul is not responsible for the policing of uploads.


If a file uploaded falls under a current, legal copyright. The owner of those copyrights may submit proof of their ownership to us in order to request a takedown of their property to

We reserve the right to deliberate on takedown matters.


Any attempt to exploit, damage or otherwise harm s-ul will result in immediate termination.

If you encounter any bugs, please make sure you report them as soon as possible via the Contact Form.


s-ul has a "no refunds" policy. Any money contributed to the service cannot be returned after contribution.


Abuse of our services are grounds for immediate termination, at the discretion of s-ul staff. We reserve the right to terminate a user's account at any time, and do not owe explanation or discourse to the user. Users who have made financial contributions towards the service are not exempt from this rule in any way.